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Protect your pet against dangerous illnesses

Regular vaccinations are important to protect your pet from dangerous diseases. Vaccinations allow your pet's immune system to recognise infections and rapidly respond to protect your pet's health. A non-harmful strain of the bacteria or virus is injected into your pet, allowing it to safely build up immunity to potentially serious infections.

Start vaccinating at an early age

It's important to vaccinate your pets from any early age. Puppies require shots at 8 and 12 weeks, with a yearly booster - a great time to discuss your pet's health with your vet. Kittens require two shots starting at 9 and 12 weeks.

we'll remind you when they need shots

Your pet's health is important to us at Station Veterinary Surgery. We will contact all pets on our register when it's time for their annual booster shot. While you're here for that, let us take care of all your pet's needs, including flea and tick treatment and neutering. We can also microchip your pet for easy identification if they're ever lost.